A Time to Reflect

13 December, 2023
A Time to Reflect


By Marcin Borzecki, Managing Director of Merson Europe

Perhaps it is a sign of the political and economic uncertainties in 2022 and 2023 that this has been a time of reflection for me; I am sure it has been for many of you.  I’ve seen many of my fellow citizens at times frustrated and saddened but also shine as humans. It is usually at our lowest ebb that we truly show our potential.

During these times of reflection, I think about my journey at Merson and why the company and its people have been and will be such an important part of my life. Starting sixteen years ago, I worked in every production department in their Basildon offices before relocating back to Poland in 2015. The company here is flourishing, with 130 team members and significant growth plans for more European business. A highlight is to note the sense of pride and excitement seeing our finished products like Aston Martin F1 signage leave for Silverstone and our continuing great delivery for TK Maxx in Poland amongst others.

How has this success story come to fruition? Is it because we focus purely on the needs of shareholders, customers, suppliers, or employees?  I’d say we are flourishing because we live our culture first and foremost. Everyone in this business is touched by our sense of “family.” It lies at the heart of our ecosystem.  Our staff all seem to love being part of a dynamic, fast-moving industry, with the energy and satisfaction that brings.

I have had the good fortune to have worked with some amazing people here over the last nearly two decades and the energy I am feeling now leaves me excited about what is to come. We have our sights firmly set on European growth. We will succeed because our work is innovative, best in the field, and delivered with superb planning and precision. We also have a can-do attitude, unwavering spirit, and genuine sense of care. 

Poland has seen a huge influx of refugees from Ukraine and my fellow citizens and Merson colleagues have supported in any way they could. Truckloads of supplies came from Merson sites in the UK and our team ensured they went to those who needed them. This unwavering sense of family and care is why I have stayed with Merson for so many years. I also believe it is why Merson is an extremely special place to work. Many talk of a culture of inclusivity and family, I believe we live it.

As 2023 comes to an end and we look to a new year I will be asking my colleagues to continue to remember how lucky we are. We work in a place where we do what we love in the presence of a great team spirit – one of our core values of FAMILY.

Have a wonderful and peaceful Festive Season.