We have been supplying the UK airport sector since the 1990s and airport signage has become part of our DNA. We currently hold a framework agreement with the UK’s largest airport, Heathrow, for all types of wayfinding signage.

We implemented the largest UK airport signing project this century when we successfully designed, manufactured and installed the entire signage package for Terminal 5, giving just a glimpse of the scale we can deliver. In addition to Heathrow, our aviation signs guide the way at Gatwick, Stansted, Liverpool, Doncaster, Glasgow, and Aberdeen airports. Many of those products can remain in place for up to 20 years, so the quality and durability of our signage is always on point.

We hold the necessary Airside Insurance cover to permit staff to work in all areas of any UK airport. We understand the importance of security and are well-versed in obtaining and maintaining passes for staff access. Our experience and expertise in this sector means that clients can always feel comfortable and are in safe hands with us as their airport signage partner.

Our in-house manufacturing team are experts in creating products that cover the full range of wayfinding needs for terminal buildings, concourses, and for airside and landside zones. These range from self-adhesive vinyl and tactile door signs to LED-illuminated lightboxes, FID (Flight Information Display) trees with LED/LCD displays, as well as totems and digital signs of all shapes and sizes.

Our reach extends beyond the terminal buildings to cover onward travel locations including train, tram, taxi, bus, car park and car hire locations. In fact, we can survey and design a complete wayfinding journey, ensuring all airport users have the best possible customer experience.

In recent years, our airport digital signs have given travellers a more immersive, real-time experience. From advertising and delivery of instantaneous flight information, alongside static wayfinding, we offer extensive options having delivered a multitude of FID walls, totems and tree products, as well as wall-integrated screens at gates and check-in areas.

Clients can view everything we develop in virtual reality, saving significant time and cost in the development process, prior to seeing the first physical samples at our state of the art Concept Centre in Basildon.

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