Terminal Wayfinding Signs

Whether checking in, making a flight connection or meeting an inbound visitor, the second passengers enter an airport they are hungry for information. 

We have been providing airport wayfinding information for over 30 years and can design and deliver the signs that get people where they need to be, aiding navigation and easing the stress of being in an unfamiliar place on a tight schedule.  

Not only do we know what works, we understand how to create a cohesive family of legible signs that can be easily picked out against all the visual noise created by retailers, advertising, and food & beverage providers.

Airport Signage

Terminal Branding

The excitement as passengers approach an airport peaks when they see that sign marking the terminal that is their gateway to the rest of the world. 

Many of today’s terminals are enormous and their branding and identifiers need to sit comfortably in the context of that scale. We make large signs (often very large signs) and have the experience to handle, light, transport and fit signs many metres high and even more metres long, safely and securely. 

Whether it is the largest of international terminals or a more modest sign for a regional airport, we have made and fitted signs for all of them. 

Airport Signage

Time-to-Gate Signs

Do passengers have time to grab that last coffee or maybe a gift for a loved one before they head to the gate? They’ll look for a Time-to-Gate sign, also known as an FID (Flight Information Display) -to find the answer. 

Key components include a housing designed to complement the environment it sits in and some form of dynamic digital display, either LED or LCD. If there is no suitable wall to mount it on then a free-standing pole and bracketry to hold multiple displays can be added, the completed units being commonly known as FIDs trees. 

Airport Signage

Departure Boards (Digital)

It is a familiar sight, passengers stood underneath a departure board, gazing at a cluttered departure board seeking the information before it is replaced.  

These departure boards are another large sign structure, always dynamic, usually digital and the nerve centre of the airport journey. It’s important to ensure it is large enough, is in the right location and is tilted downward slightly to aid readability. 

Airport Signage

Digital Signs

If ever there is an environment that digital signage was made for, it’s the airport. Oceans of advertising real estate for brands and services. Dozens of retailers looking to stand out from the next with digital facades or marketing and thousands, sometimes tens of thousands, of passengers with an appetite for dynamic bang up-to-date information as large as their appetite for coffee and shopping. 

Whatever airport digital signage requirements, we can fulfil them end-to-end. Our team work with retailers, all forms of transport and national DOOH (Digital Out of Home) companies delivering every kind of digital signage. 

Being fully accredited for airport operations both landside and airside, combined with their unrivalled digital signage capability makes us the best one-stop shop for airport digital signage.

Airport Signage

Passenger Information Signs

Whether analogue wayfinding signs, gate number signs, onward travel information signs or time-to-gate signs, these are all passenger information signs, static and dynamic. 

An informed passenger is not only a happy passenger but a relaxed one. And a relaxed passenger will enjoy the airport terminal experience more, speak highly of the airport and quite probably enjoy more of the shopping and food & beverage on offer. 

We have all the tools and experience to keep passengers well informed. 

Airport Signage

Check-in Signs

The sooner passengers find their check-in desk the sooner they get on with enjoying everything the airport has to offer. 

Define the check-in areas and zones clearly, with large overhead signage. Create strongly branded zones for each airline, taking advantage of dynamic digital signage if that works with how the airport allocates check-in desks. 

Make sure the desk numbers are loud and proud, backed up by dynamic destination information. Get all of that right and passenger flow will improve and airport experience is on its way to being optimised.

Airport Signage

Airport Rail Link Signs

As part of onward travel signage, rail link signage whether for National Rail network or dedicated city centre express service, is vital in keeping the last stage of the passenger journey as smooth and stress-free as the rest, ensuring they leave the airport with a positive experience. 

These signs are sometimes picked out in a different colour or may feature the colour or branding of the rail service provider, but like all wayfinding signage they need to be the right size, in the right location, and contrast well with their environment. 

The last link in the journey needs to be as effective as all those before it. 

Airport Signage

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