These should never be over signed. That may sound strange coming from a sign company, but the reason our customers have been with us for upwards of 10 to 30 years is that we never sell signs our clients don’t need.

In spaces such as town centres, plazas, mixed-use spaces, and thoroughfares there is usually a wealth of wayfinding cues provided by buildings, landscaping, changes in paving and other features. Only when there are gaps or ambiguities is signage required to fill those gaps.

In spaces like these it will need be robust and of appropriate scale, as well as being strategically positioned. It may also need to include digital elements, but only if that provides a tangible benefit to the users.

One of the main challenges in business parks is catering for the different needs of those driving from those on foot. This comes down to scale of signs, understanding type size, reading distances for legibility, and ensuring there is cohesive messaging from entering the park to the destination.

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