Motorway Gantries

We have designed, manufactured and installed the cladding and signage for multiple motorway gantry upgrades.  Each structure can measure up to 23 metres long, two metres wide and over three metres high, and can weigh over 20 tonnes. Not only have we led on design along with suitably qualified engineers, but we have built them, transported them to site under police escort, and installed them using super sized cranes. All without a single hitch or health & safety incident. 

Planning is never more important than with signs of this scale; transport plans, lifting plans, and contingency plans for adverse weather all need to be accounted for. 

For every Mega sign we deliver, we plan to succeed.

Mega Signs

Retail Park Towers

Whether it’s two towers 20 metres high or one enormous 25-metre-high tower, we can provide the largest of markers – ( beacons effectively) to announce any retail park or shopping centre loud and clear as people approach the site. 

A sign of this scale is vital if needed to communicate the scale and status of the site, as well as creating the feeling of a real event on arrival. The scale, form and finishes can all give customers a sense of what the retail site is all about, aided by lighting and sometimes the names of anchor tenants and key food & beverage offers. 

We have the skills and experience needed to provide end-to-end delivery, from design to installation, of the largest mega signs for retail, all safely, creatively and on-budget, whether for a new site on one undergoing a major refurbishment.

Mega Signs

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