Programme Management

Managing a single site, even a large one, takes a particular skill set. Managing a programme of several hundred sites requires experience and tools to handle it. Merson have been delivering programmes of this scale for more than 40 out of 80 years in the business and have accumulated invaluable experience when it comes to ensuring programmes of this scale run smoothly and efficiently. 

It takes a dedicated team, in-depth briefing sessions with the client’s delivery team, clear understanding of objectives and roles, and detailed capacity planning, all supported by staff like Merson’s with their can-do attitude consistent with the Merson values.

Project Management

ERP for Delivery On Time and On Budget

Much like the familiar game, Merson’s  ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, Tetris,allows the team to organise ‘blocks’ (orders customers place) in rows (the weeks in the production schedule). This allows Merson to maximise efficiency allowing a reduction in costs to customers, and also means the teams know exactly what latent capacity is available. Find out more by requesting a Tetris demo to see  how this all works. 

Project Management

Account Management

At Merson, it is imperative that relationships are curated with clients, making them proud of some of the 10, 20 and 30 plus years they have maintained with some of the best-known brands in the world. Merson make sure to invest time in getting to know each client, ensuring that the partnership grows, rather than being outgrown. Staying curious and engaged in client goals is what drives repeated business and mutually beneficial relationships.   

Project Management

Principal Contractor

Merson are not a main contractor and don’t do what a main contractor does. But when clients have a project with a scope which is heavily weighted towards signage that requires other trades to be sourced and managed on site, Merson have all the necessary qualifications to carry out the principal contractor role. This plugs a vital gap and means cost of delivery and management is reduced and lines of communication become shorter and clearer. It is also a particularly lean and agile model for delivering certain types of projects. 

Merson have fulfilled this role on a diverse range of projects over the last five years, adding value for customers in the process. This is quite a rare skillset for a sign business and is just one of the ways Merson continue to model their business to suit the needs of customers. 

Project Management

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