Not every store or bank can be experiential, but when it can be, it should be. In retail, brands are increasingly expressed by the entire store not just the signs above the door.

At Merson, we believe that high street retail and banking are about much more than just signage. Looking for an entire store façade or some dynamic digital signage inside or out? We have our own cladding company, CGL Facades and Merson Digital which is geared up to manufacture and deliver end-to-end digital signage solutions and services.

Interested in some unusual wall treatments, either 2D printed or in 3D architectural metal finishes to make a statement? We do all of that and more in-house.

High-impact brand elements for stores and banks add to the customer experience from feature rafts, light rafts, brise soleil – Talk to us today about how we can create and deliver solutions tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

Using virtual reality, we can show you how a store or branch might look after applying various design options. Why not ask for a demo?

Let's Make An Impact Together