Workplaces are now so much more than bland functional offices. It’s clear that more emphasis is being placed in making sure staff feel good in the space they occupy five days a week, so it’s important that they are stimulated, comfortable, happy and productive.


Standard Life

Adding some large-scale graphics in lobbies or breakout spaces, featuring nature or humanising images can be a great start. Company culture can shine through with areas that feature core values and wider staff interests.

Office Display

Having graphics and other elements that can be quickly and cost effectively swapped or changed-up can refresh any space and reinvigorate people’s surroundings and how they feel about them. Providing some practical wayfinding including amenities and departmental locations helps any office building run safely and efficiently.

Office Signage

We have designed and delivered all of these and much more so that companies and design teams can create the office space their staff deserve.

Brand Office Sign

Before deciding on final prototypes, make use of our virtual reality design capability which can reduce cost and time spent during the development process.

Office Signage

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