Window Vinyls & Manifestation

Store windows are great branding and promotional real estate, often used as billboards, with the ability to have information facing inwards or outwards. 

As a smooth stable substrate, minimum preparation is needed, making installation fast and cost effective. Vinyls can be changed regularly by choosing a removable grade where removal and replacement take a fraction of the time compared to regular self-adhesive vinyl. 

If a customers’ ability to see into the premises is restricted, limit the amount of glazing covered or go for a semi-transparent design. 

Manifestation is typically applied to make the presence of glazing obvious for safety reasons, such as on glass doors but can also be decorative or include branding.

Interior Treatments

Full Colour Window Graphics

Any form of window graphics can be powerful but, full colour large-scale photographic images are often the most powerful of all. Featuring products or people, iconic images from marketing campaigns or inspirational graphics showing what can be achieved when people use products or services, full colour window graphics can be uniquely compelling.

Interior Treatments

Large Format and Digital Wallpaper

Wall area is a blank canvas in many stores and buildings and is an opportunity to enhance any space with large format graphics, often known as digital wallpaper. 

Painted walls can be primed to accept self-adhesive vinyl graphics, featuring any image imaginable. These graphics can be printed on removable vinyl making removal or changeover quick and cost effective. 

From brightening up offices space by adding calming images of the natural world, to highlighting specific products like freshly baked bread in a new in-store bakery, large format graphics can be decorative, promotional or part of making interiors more experiential.

Interior Treatments

Feature Rafts

Many interiors feature high ceilings which are given the appearance of being lower using ceiling rafts.  

Retail units, some gyms and, in particular, large grocery stores, often feature high ceilings due to the type of the buildings they are housed in. The problem with high ceilings is they can lead to a vast, impersonal space where it is hard to articulate a brand or create a welcome feeling or intimacy. 

Whilst not solid or continuous like suspended ceilings, feature rafts are incredibly effective in defining and containing a space. This can either be across an entire floor area or in selected areas where creating a different impression is needed. Whether it’s a breakout space, checkout area, fresh fruit and veg island or exercise floor space, our ceiling rafts can enhance the space and improve customer experience.

Interior Treatments

Feature Light Rafts

Much like a Feature Raft, these use lighting and are a great way to highlight a space, add definition to a space or add functional lighting to a space. Feature light rafts are also a great tool to have in any interior design toolbox. 

Size, finish and type of lighting are all completely flexible. Custom shapes can be created, suspension levels can be varied for added differentiation and visual interest making light rafts a way to create a tangible, well-defined space within a much larger volume.

Interior Treatments

Feature Wall Cladding

Colour and large format graphics can be added to walls to provide more interest and information. However, to create an interesting, differentiated, on-brand space, feature wall cladding is hard to beat. It not only allows for colour, but it also provides texture. The colour can be a solid hue or a real or faux patinated metal finish, such as Verdigris, copper or aged bronze. It can even mimic woodgrain of almost any texture and colour. For depth, it can feature deep streaks in any orientation adding depth, drama and a strong impression of quality and permanence, all aligned with branding. 

Like all feature walls, this treatment would not be used on every wall, but used selectively for focus, accent or as part of brand articulation. 

Interior Treatments

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