Experienced practical design

We value design and take pride in our capability. Our team of practical designers can support your projects from an early stage, when things are starting to turn 3-dimensional, technical and physical.


Collaborating with the worlds best design agencies.

We're not a creative agency, but we are creative in our approach to everything we do.


Accurate commercial design from concept to rollout

With our manufacturing and installation pedigree, everything we design is practical and considered.


Moving faster saves time, materials, cost and energy

High quality design and prototyping delivered at pace from a dedicated team and facility.


Deliverables that make a genuine impact

Our digital design process is easy for all stakeholders to engage with at every stage.

Design approach

To give our clients and collaborators a great design experience, we aim to be creative, technical, rapid and digital. We make room for new ideas and technology to enhance the development process, making it faster, clearer, better and more sustainable.

Our design approach ensures there are no expectation gaps at the end of a project, as we help you to play out practical design, manufacturing, installation, project, environmental and commercial challenges supported by our industry-leading design process. 

Detail matters

Design often starts with a simple sketch, but from there, you need to take big leaps into more believable and detailed digital outcomes. Throughout the development process we create technically accurate visualisation, modelling, drawing and digital content.

When viewed alongside real-life material samples and prototypes, our design deliverables will help to validate all aspects of your design, increase audience understanding and gain faster approvals ahead of implementation.

To support final pricing and manufacture, we produce detailed construction models and specification drawings that identify every single material, item and process. 

Commercial Signage

Different thinking

Our design team is multi-disciplined and adaptable, seasoned with experiences gained working on diverse design challenges for High Street Retail, Grocery, Automotive, Transport and Stadium projects.

We need to be able to design products with a 20 year design life to go into the worlds newest stadium or transport terminal, other times it can be 2 weeks for an event, and everything in between.

These experiences can benefit new projects with different thinking or ways of working from other areas applied for the best design and project outcome. 

Adopting technology

We are moving towards a Metaverse version of design and planning that enables virtual interaction with products and spaces, allowing a more accurate review of the customer journey and brand experience.

Merson have adopted design technology that supports this and helps us to produce, present and increase understanding of what can be challenging and complex design.

We make use of virtual and augmented reality design, 3D printing and powerful workstation solutions in our process to acheive virtual prototyping, assembly testing and installation training. Driving technology into our way of working is helping us save time, cost, energy and materials normally involved in traditional methods. Recent design projects for Lotus, Sainsbury’s and Network Rail are proof of this.

Project Management

Concept Centre

To compliment our rapid approach to development we have a dedicated Concept Centre located in Basildon where our design team and clients can get together in person for productive design workshops in full view of digital or real samples and prototypes. This facility has been a key element of many successful projects, in them moving quickly and landing right first time when in full production.

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