Much More Than Just Installation

Merson focus on installation of products manufactured by others, but Merson i-level is about much more than just Point of Sale installation. As part of Merson Group, Merson’s experience and technical innovation is backed by increased resources and expertise than most POS installers meaning they can apply POS installation services to a wider range of retail installation projects including Store Mapping (including an audit of any chosen store equipment), lightweight signage installations and specialist fitting and rebranding services. 

Point Of Sale

Our Services

With a dedicated, experienced, and highly trained team of point-of-sale specialists located all over the UK, Merson can manage and execute every element of your next rollout. We’re experts in;

  • Auditing, Surveys & Store Mapping
  • POS Installation & Placement
  • EPOS Installation & Updates
  • Merchandising & Field Marketing
  • Maintenance & Compliance Programmes
  • Warehousing, Fulfilment & Logistics
  • Bespoke Database Reporting
  • Digital POS Installations
Point Of Sale

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