Internal Digital Signage

Whilst a traditional sign might make your internal space look good, a digital sign will make it look amazing, helping to bring your brand to life and tell its story.
Internal digital signage is quite a simple concept; a screen, some form of housing such as a free-standing totem or a bracket and bezel, a power supply and a data connection which can be cable or wireless are the basic requirements. The possibilities on the other hand are complex and are guaranteed to help boost your brand image. Adding internal digital signage means your physical space can keep up with any changes. From the latest product launches so the most recent social campaigns, content is easy to manage and update.
Sounds difficult to manage? Don’t worry. Merson Digital takes care of all of that, helping clients make smart, informed choices every step of the way.
Internal Digital Signage from the industry’s best one-stop shop, designed, manufactured, installed and maintained, providing bespoke solutions to meet individual needs.
Digital Signage

External Digital Signage

External digital signage is guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd, and make a BIG impact. Take everything you know about Internal Digital Signage and apply it externally, but then also consider the following too:
Screen brightness – The higher light levels outdoors mean specialised ultra-bright external screens are essential for content to be viewable.
Weather proofing – moisture and temperature variations wreak havoc with electronics and screens situated outdoors, which is inevitable – especially in the UK. This means either an outdoor IP-rated screen or an outdoor IP-rated enclosure to protect the screen is needed.
Groundworks – usually some form of foundation is needed to securely and safely erect digital signage. As the UK’s largest and longest established sign manufacturer, Merson, is the most expert pair of hands for erecting external digital signage.
Digital Signage

DOOH (Digital Out of Home) Screens

DOOH signage is now one of the most popular advertising methods, with over 69% of viewers taking some sort of action after seeing a digital street level ad. DOOH advertising has the ability to make you stand out from your competitors, keep your consumers updated and boost your marketing efforts.
DOOH needs expertise in several keys areas, all of which Merson Digital is expert in. Advice on choice of screen type and recommendations on resolution, brightness and IP ratings are all part of the Merson Digital service.
Many DOOH installations are among the largest outdoor digital signage you’ll see anywhere, so having a partner such as Merson who manufacture and install 23-metre long motorway gantry signs and 25-metre high retail park signs gives all the assurance needed when it comes to designing and delivering structures of such a large scale.
Digital Signage

Dynamic Messaging

If there is a single feature that makes the business case for digital signs it is the ability to deliver dynamic messaging. Whether this is airport flight information, rail terminal information, traffic information, weather, seasonal opening hours, safety information, productivity information, KPI scores, in-store promotions – the list is literally endless. 

We can provide every type of solution regarding the most appropriate screen type, method of connectivity, location, housing, installation and maintenance, to ensure dynamic messaging keeps doing what it does best – giving customers, passengers or staff vital information in real time. 

Digital Signage

Transport Signs

Every form of transport relies on digital displays of vital information. Whether it’s departure and arrivals for air, rail or buses or information on road works and journey times for the nation’s highways, digital signage keeps the country moving. 

We can provide bespoke systems covering display connectivity and information control or can incorporate clients own proprietary systems into Merson-manufactured housings. From the smallest bus-stop display to the largest motorway gantry signs, we can provide the dynamic digital signage needed. 

Digital Signage

Video Walls

Regardless of the space you have, our video walls can be designed specifically to match your requirements. Indoor walls comprising of very large single LCD screens – or a matrix of colour-balanced screens can stop people in their tracks. When it comes to the largest of video walls, whether indoor or out, and with LED pitches now down to just over 1.5mm, the definition that can be achieved, even at the largest scales, is spectacular.
We offer high-bright solutions so that the screen can be seen regardless of lighting in the environment. Our smart sensors also help the lighting of the screen adapt based on direct natural light against the screen. As a way to inspire customers, showcase new products or services and make spaces truly experiential, video walls are hard to beat. With a full design and build service and a huge range of own-brand products as well as products from well-known big brands, Merson Digital has a uniquely well-rounded video wall capability.
Digital Signage

Digital Wayfinding

Digital wayfinding is becoming an increasingly popular solution in replacement of traditional wayfinding. Screens can be easily updated at the touch of a button to display new store information, directions, or ads. Used in the correct circumstances, digital wayfinding can contribute positively to the customer experience. In environments such as shopping malls, an interactive touch-screen gives customers the ability to search for locations by product type, store type or store name, then displays a map of the route.
When offering this type of wayfinding to customers, it is important to ensure there is also analogue signage for those who prefer this to using a touchscreen, or if the touch screen is already in use. As with all types of digital signage provided by Merson, advice can be offered on screen selection, housing design, manufacture, installation and connectivity. We’re happy to offer adaptions on our standard digital wayfinding, meaning we can offer a fully bespoke service for your brand.
Digital Signage

Digital Store Navigation

Digital Store Navigation follows all the same principles as Digital Wayfinding (see section above) but with the added benefit that screen housings can be aligned with branding and the environment within the store. Scale, form and finish of materials can all be varied so that in-store digital navigation adds to, rather than detracts from the style of the store.  

While operating along the same principles as shopping mall digital wayfinding, in-store digital can also be used to promote offers, highlight new in-store concessions, display seasonal opening hours and provide brand-building messaging to customers. 

Digital Signage

Digital Point of Sale

Maximise product sales and increase brand loyalty with point of sale touchscreens. Digital POS is an example of where full advantage of dynamic, remotely controlled, infinitely updatable digital can be taken. With our point of sale touch screens you can offer a bespoke touch point for your customers to engage with your brand and its products.
Our POS solutions offer a locked down version of your e-commerce site, ideal for stores with smaller physical spaces, who still want to offer a full product range. From larger campaign screens, to smaller spot promotion screens and even shelf-edge, Merson Digital has a solution for every digital POS opportunity.
Content can be controlled locally, centrally or a hybrid of both, using a Merson CMS application or one of the client’s choosing. Merson Digital believe in giving the customer choice, supported by expert advice and a singular drive to understand customer needs and goals and how digital can help achieve them.
Digital Signage

Bespoke Digital Solutions

For a project or a need that doesn’t fit neatly into any “box” or if a client would like to achieve something digitally but is not sure if it’s possible because it’s unique or hasn’t been done before, Merson Digital can offer consultation and advice.
To be able to create bespoke digital signage solutions is the kind of challenge that excites Merson Digital. We are able to work from a full brief, or from the tiniest concept to design a solution, or range of solutions that are fully bespoke to your brand.
Digital Signage

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