Airport Signage

We have been supplying the UK airport sector since the 1990s and airport signage has become part of our DNA. With the necessary insurance and permits, we currently hold a framework agreement with the UK’s largest airport, Heathrow, for all types of wayfinding signage.

Branding Signs

Any sign that tells people what you are is a branding sign. Working with client brand teams and design teams, we will show you the art of the possible and co-create signage that faithfully reproduces a logo or brandmark, but does it in a way that is consistent with what your brand stands for.

Digital Signage

Digital signage is an increasingly popular and important way of communicating with customers or service users, giving them an immersive, real-time experience. We offer expert advice on a variety of options and can provide standalone digital signage solutions or digital products as part of a wider signage package.

Exterior Treatments

With a cladding division within Merson Group, we are ideally placed in the market to offer a range of exterior treatments to our clients. Normally products that enhance branding on an external building and surrounding area, exterior treatments are built to withstand extreme weather conditions and harsh outdoor environments.

Interior Treatments

Interior treatments can almost be seen as part of the building they are in. Always on brand, they can enhance, upgrade and provide a more aesthetically pleasing internal environment, but there is also an opportunity to use them to promote concepts, services and products.


Mega signs are different from traditional signs due to their nature and scale, but we are experienced in this specialised field too and know that Mega signage is a serious business. This kind of sign making and installation not only requires specialised equipment and premises large enough to accommodate, it needs expert planning too.

Rail Signage

Rail signs have a demanding role to perform and we understand everything that is needed to guarantee optimum functionality and legibility. We also ensure that rail signs are still on-brand but robust enough to withstand the harsh conditions they are exposed to for a long long time.

Wayfinding Signs

Signs that guide, navigate and direct people from one place to another are known as wayfinding signs. Normally a collection of signs, they provide information to help users on their journey be it on foot, train, plane, or car. We are experts at simplifying that journey and offer a variety of signage solutions to help along the way.