Cleaning & Safety Inspection

With the advent of LED lighting in signage, frequent scheduled lamp changes became a thing of the past and the priorities became safety inspection and cleaning. Safety inspection usually involves a visual inspection, and in some cases physical inspection and even pull tests, to ensure the integrity of the signage and the connection of the signs to the building or foundations has not been compromised. An annual safety inspection is one of the major measures which clients can employ to ensure they keep staff, customers, and passers-by safe. 

Cleaning not only improves the appearance of signs, but it also ensures all the finishes look as good as they can, for as long as possible. Regular maintenance and cleaning are key to keeping signage in tip top condition as the build-up of air borne contaminants ingrained in dirt can be difficult to clean.  

Maintenance & Repair


LED lighting does not suffer from the same type of failures as hot or cold cathode lamps. Due to the large number of small LED bulbs, it is rare for one or two failing to be noticeable or detrimental to the sign’s appearance.  

The main area to safeguard against is driver failures (drivers are often referred to as “gear-trays” or ballasts – these are all terms for the transformers which power the LEDs). 

Scheduled replacement towards end of useful life is the best way to get the most out of LED lighting and ensure the brand always looks its best. This work can be combined with the annual maintenance visit for maximum efficiency and minimum cost. 

Maintenance & Repair

Emergency Callouts

As the name suggests, these need to be carried out quickly. With Merson’s national network of signs installer sand maintenance crews, who can attend site quickly and make 0sfe, followed by a full report and recommended course of action once the immediate safety-critical work has been carried out. 

This will include advice about suggested cause of failure and any need to check other similar installations based on Merson’s findings. Speed of response will be included in the SLA. 

Maintenance & Repair

Reactive Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance helps keep reactive maintenance works and associated costs to a minimum. Some reactive visits may still be required and Merson can offer varying levels of response to balance cost and signage appearance in the right measure for clients and their brand. Merson will always endeavour to keep the cost of reactive visits to a minimum and will agree at what level any reactive works need to be quoted for approval prior to proceeding, giving clients the control they need over costs. 

Maintenance & Repair

Planned Proactive Maintenance

In addition to cleaning and safety inspections, a planned proactive maintenance programme may form part of a signage warranty and should be viewed as part of the whole-life cost of your signage assets and am means of getting the best possible life and, therefore, value, from those assets.

Maintenance & Repair

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