Platform Signs

One of the most iconic and important types of rail signs, platform signs are the final vital link in the station wayfinding chain. 

Whether they are platform number signs, typically suspended overhead, or platform direction signs that direct passengers to connections, station amenities or the way out, they must be in the right place and easy to read whenever they are needed. 

Rail Signage

Wayfinding Signs

The majority of rail signs perform some type of wayfinding function.  Like all transport hubs, passenger information is vital for smooth, safe operation and one of the most important elements for a stress-free journey. 

Station entrance signs, taxi signs, platform signs, overhead direction signs, subway signs, exit and amenity signs all form the web of information needed for effective station wayfinding. 

Our experience of end-to-end delivery on the largest and smallest station projects means a guarantee of well-designed, robustly made and securely fixed station wayfinding signs.

Wayfinding Signs

Station Branding

Station name signs are such an evocative part of the UK’s transport history and we are honoured and privileged to provide them. From the iconic stations like London Bridge and Blackfriars to beloved town and country stations and halts, the chance to design and deliver these never fails to excite our team. 

From traditional materials for heritage locations to modern LED-lit glass and stainless-steel signs, each of these is just as special and important.

Rail Signage

Passenger & Train Information Signs

From large-scale departures and arrivals boards which attract hordes of passengers, to smaller platform based digital screens, each plays their part in providing the never-ending stream of information needed to manage the thousands of rail journeys taken every day. 

Requiring not only weather resistance through appropriate IP ratings, but other types of protection are also often provided to protect train radio signals from electrical interference, all while maintaining seamless connectivity.

Rail Signage

Digital Signs

Whether providing train information, other types of passenger information or even advertising, digital signs continue to grow in importance for UK rail stations. 

Correct screen brightness, resolution, method of connectivity, viewing angle and content management are essential to get the best out of any digital signage within a rail environment. 

As the UK’s only true analogue and digital signage experts, (through the formal joint venture between Merson Signs and Inurface Media, which is Merson Digital), we offer unmatched levels of expertise in digital signage for rail projects.

Rail Signage

Poster Cases & Poster Frames

From simple snap-frames to large poster cases with lockable hinged doors and even lighting, these display mediums remain the backbone of rail station communication and advertising. Timetables, local information and national campaigns all benefit from well-designed, robust, secure display frames and cases and our experience in building and installing these to the requisite standards  guarantee a first-class product. 

Sizes and finishes can be standard or bespoke and as few or as many can be ordered for supply only or supply and install.

Rail Signage


Friezes are both functional and aesthetic products, typically mounted just above head height on platforms, around ticket halls and other parts of the station.  Used in a station setting as part of their services management system, they are used to conceal cables, which need to be easily (but not too easily) accessible.  However, friezes can also provide an opportunity to display your branding and become part of the wayfinding journey for commuters as they are usually ideally placed in the line of vision. 

Our technical team can advise on suitable materials and design to help you make the best choices when it comes to friezes. 

Rail Signage

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