Branding Signs

Any sign that tells people what you are is a branding sign.

A sign that not only faithfully reproduces a logo or brandmark but does it in a way that is consistent with what the brand stands for…now that is a true branding sign, the kind manufactured and designed by us.

Working with client brand teams and design teams, we will show the art of the possible and will not only co-create signage, displaying the brand, we’ll build it.

Wayfinding Signs

Branding Feature Signs

Where the sign meets art. Where brand expression and definition of a space can be at its greatest. Not everyone uses them, but those who do understand just how powerful they can be. The best are the result of true client designer-sign maker co-creation, where the magic happens.

Branding Signs

Architectural Letters

One of the oldest and most elegant signage forms, where the building is both used and respected, functioning as the backdrop.

Material choice is vast, and lighting can be completely absent, it may come from an external light-source or it may be face-lit or halo-lit. Often, a variety of materials and lighting types are used to sign the many building types across a network.

Branding Signs

Fascia Signs

One of the most common sign types but they need be no less special because of that. In fact, special is what will make signs stand out in a busy, often visually cluttered high street.

We invented the first concave fascia for Halifax and have access to a unique range of materials that they use in their bespoke cladding business – zincs, coppers, bronzed coppers and pre-patinated materials.

Looking for a fascia sign, but not just any fascia sign? Get in touch today.

Branding Signage

Flex-Face Signs

The biggest of super-size, join-free signs. Looking for an impactful sign, lit or not lit with no joins in the face? Then flex-face is the way to go. We have made and installed some of the largest, and even made them with architectural letters in front, giving a seamless background with elegant on-brand 3D letters – the best of both worlds.

Branding Signage

Projecting Signs & Hong Kong Signs

A Hong Kong sign is a very, tall thin projecting sign that wraps right down a building. Always double-sided, often lit and a powerful way to declare retail presence in a busy high street.

Projecting signs, occasionally called projection signs are a true bread and butter sign type. Featuring on retail sites large and small, they are there to announce any presence to browsing shoppers; these need to punch above their weight for compact signs, so design, lighting and material selection are key. We can help project any brand with these.

Branding Signage

Window Vinyls

Glazing presents a blank canvas and in the right location it’s actually a blank billboard. Window space means that any portion can be covered with any design – like bold single colours, large letters, abstract or photographic images – anything is possible.

Be selective in where these are used and how much of the glazing is obscured to customers potentially needs to be able to see what’s inside the store and the store must appear open and welcoming. However, window vinyls can also be used to create privacy for staff or customers.

Totem & Monolith Signs

Totemic can mean “totem-like” and it can also mean “regarded as being symbolic or representative of a particular quality or concept”. Totem signs are, therefore, very well placed to represent a brand and to be symbolic of it.

As a primary marker or identifier of a building, a store, car dealership, retail park or many other buildings seen in daily life, the totem can do a lot for businesses. We are experts that understand how to design and manufacture them for not only the best effect but cost effectively too.

Failure to plan and design these types of signs properly can lead to missed opportunities to present powerful branding but we can offer expert advice and ensure success.

Branding Signage

PFS (Petrol Filling Station) Signs

These are the most common types of signs that often go unnoticed by the public. They are classic markers that are recognised without needing to be read as the formats, brands and brand colours are so familiar.

That doesn’t mean we can’t help brand teams or designers get creative with them. Whether they are forecourt totems (also known as gantries,) canopy perimeter signs, pump signs or PFS shop fascia signs. Signs can truly make or break the appearance and brand appeal of a PFS.

Branding Signage

Pylon Signs

Another term for totem or monolith signs often reserved for the larger ones or those visibly standing on one or two large legs, rather than having a homogenous, monolithic form.

We have manufactured and installed pylon signs 18 metres up to 25 metres high or 82 feet.

Designing, engineering, building and installing structures of this scale is something we have a long, successful history of delivering to exacting client needs.

Branding Signage

ATM Surrounds

Always a great branding and customer experience opportunity, ATM signage has a very particular set of needs that we are experienced in designing and manufacturing. These are high-traffic, high wear areas that need to boldly announce their presence if they are to do the job they were put there for.

Understanding the right type of wear-resistant finishes to use, how to light them effectively, how to install them on varied surfaces, whilst keeping on-brand – these are the kind of challenges our team at Merson love.

Branding Signs

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