Future-Proofing Public Spaces to Inspire Customer Confidence

In a short space of time, Covid-19 has created an unprecedented impact
on how we all live and work.

As organisations moved to remote working, shops introduced social distancing measures, and travel was limited to only essential journeys, the world as we know it changed. As businesses and individuals all navigate through these unchartered waters, a sense of acceptance has begun to build; one that acknowledges that moving forward will be a gradual process, with long lasting requirements
impacting us all for a significant period of time.

There isn’t an industry untouched; from factories, offices, retail, leisure to travel, and soon, as restrictions in place are reviewed, the next phase will begin with everyone, everywhere adapting to a new set of normal practices.

There’s a lot to consider for this phase, but like this whole situation things move fast. Recently we read a YouGov poll that suggests almost two thirds of the population are currently avoiding public spaces, with the outbreak really making people think about the importance of hygiene. As people seek reassurance when restrictions start to lift, it will be absolutely key to people that places feel safe, with clear information in place.

So far, the speed at which this has all happened has meant there has been no other choice for businesses but to make their safety and communication methods temporary, but now we know the impacts are here to stay. Much of the attention is swiftly shifting towards how all environments can feel safe and comfortable places for customers, staff and visitors in the long-term.

We know that in the coming weeks the key question will therefore become about how our public spaces need to change in the long-term to take into account the growing importance of hygiene and social distancing measures. People will be seeking the confidence and comfort to navigate through their day to day lives.

We also know that we are all in it together. For everyone, experiencing places will take on a new definition, and we fully believe that businesses who can work together and innovate to satisfy these new consumer needs during this time
will be far better off in the long run.

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