Innovation In Retail Event

1 November, 2022
Innovation In Retail Event

Innovation is an essential ingredient of Merson Group delivery. With this in mind, on Tuesday 25th October we co-hosted the first ‘Innovation In Retail Event’ at the Arnold Clark Innovation Centre in Glasgow, alongside our media agency dot + del and The Beal Group.

The team got to test drive some of the amazing electric vehicles Arnold Clark had on display, mingle with the other guests and listen to some inspiring presentations including one from our very own Gavin McMurray. He captivated the audience with information on our latest innovative products and services, demonstrating how we help retailers adapt to survive in an increasingly competitive landscape.

He also introduced our cutting-edge VR design capability, which we just happened to have on display at the event, allowing attendees to experience how it can transform the design process and the endless possibilities it can present. This is delivered by creating a digital twin of a store and allows the user to enter a virtual world.

The room was buzzing with energy and the feedback from everyone who tried out our sophisticated software said how simple (and fun) it was to use. All in all a worthwhile event for collaboration, sharing ideas and a great energy and enthusiasm from all parties involved.