Navigating the Nationwide Rebrand: A Testament to Dynamic Project Management

4 July, 2024
Navigating the Nationwide Rebrand: A Testament to Dynamic Project Management

Navigating the Nationwide Rebrand: A Testament to Dynamic Project Management


At Merson Group, we’ve been privileged to play a pivotal role in the rebranding of major banking institutions across the United Kingdom. From the iconic RBS NatWest Group to Lloyds Banking Group with its stable of brands, our experience in national rebrands goes back to 1938, making us as a strong candidate for any significant retail banking rebrand.

Recently we found ourselves embarking on yet another transformative endeavour, commissioned by Nationwide Bank to accelerate their branch rebranding programme throughout the UK including Northern Ireland. With a scope of work comprising over 200 branches, this smooth delivery of this project stands as a testament to Merson Group’s rapid prototyping and project management prowess, all while delivering excellent value for money.

One of the hurdles we faced was the necessity to precisely match existing prototypes. Ensuring an exact match proved to be a delicate balancing act, demanding meticulous attention to detail with colour matching, gloss levels and brightness of illumination to maintain brand uniformity across the Nationwide estate. With our expertise in design and precision manufacturing, we navigated this challenge seamlessly, delivering the desired outcome in the demanding timescale needed; this is the kind of challenge we relish at Merson.

Another challenge stemmed from the diverse array of retail spaces Nationwide occupies. Each location presented its own set of challenges when it came to gaining local authority consents but our adaptability and commitment to excellence ensured that regardless of location, the Nationwide brand remained consistent and impactful.

As ever with retail banking networks, the greatest challenge we encountered was gaining consent for listed building or conservation area branches; this required experience, patience and perseverance. Consequently, these branches had to be strategically reprogrammed and reintegrated into the latter portion our delivery plan, consistent with our commitment to agile methodologies and our adaptability to evolving circumstances.

From meticulously crafted signage to ATM tablets and collars, intricate window manifestations and a range of interior customer messaging signage each aspect captures and reflects the essence of the Nationwide brand.

Our industry-leading resources and experience give us unrivalled ability to deliver revitalised, on-brand branches at real scale and pace.

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