Merson Group proud to produce first Network Rail sign featuring Margaret Calvert’s latest typeface

8 March, 2022

Margaret Calvert’s work on the UK’s transport typefaces, which have been an ever-present part of our lives since the sixties, Margaret designed this typeface, in collaboration with Henrik Kubel of A2-TYPE, to work as part of a new wayfinding system designed for Network Rail by Space agency.


This sign forms part of the exhibition Margaret Calvert: Woman at Work at the Design Museum in London; one, which if you are remotely interested in design, typography, or transport, is well worth a visit. https://designmuseum.org/exhibitions/margaret-calvert-woman-at-work

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Merson Group’s well-established expertise in transport signage, including the delivery of all signage at London Bridge Station and 4 entire Crossrail stations as well as Heathrow’s Terminal 5, was one of the reasons the task was entrusted to us.

Rail Alphabet 2 is a redesign of the original “Transport” typeface, originally created by Margaret and Jock Kinneir in 1965 and refreshed by Margaret in 2009, as part of their overall redesign of UK road signage to render it fit for purpose for the new motorway era, with its increased speeds and the attendant need to be able to assimilate information on road-side signs more quickly.

Visit our website to learn more about our work: http://www.railsignage.com/

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