Merson Group was contracted by Halifax to provide upgraded signage packages to over 350 branches over an 18 month period. Some branches received a light upgrade consisting of a brand refresh, while others were given a full upgrade with their signage replaced and refurbished on both the exterior and interior of the branch.

External signage included:

  • LED Illuminated concave fascia with slim-line LED lit logos
  • LED Illuminated ATM surrounds
  • LED Illuminated projecting signs

Merson Group were also instrumental in a new digital banking concept being implemented at a number of pilot sites, subsequently being introduced more widely. Signage and bespoke housings were produced for a number of digital touch points and transaction points, including iPads, online banking units and digital marketing

Services provided

  • Technical design
  • Light feature manufacture and installation
  • Sign manufacture and installation
  • ATM surround manufacture and installation
  • Digital signage housing manufacture and installation