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Fortina is a stunning new architectural cladding system that achieves the aesthetic of
real wood using aluminum and a hyper-realistic non-pvc surface.


Fortina comes in a wide range of finishes that are indistinguishable from wood whilst offering a number of additional benefits. It is more environmentally friendly, cost-effective and easier to maintain than its counterpart, making it a perfect material for both internal and external retail environments.


Louvres are mounted directly onto interior walls. Louvres accentuate and give an extra dimension to walls. With its interlocking system construction is made easy.

  • Can be mounted on walls without a stringer.
  • Ease of construction with interlocking system.
  • Advantage of a high value product by using quality aluminium parts.
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Aluminium extruded spandrel [Slats]used for ceilings and walls. Allowing a wide choice of finishes by using high quality decorative film in a variety of colours and designs. Thereby creating an individual, bespoke finish to walls and ceilings.

  • 13mm specification selected from several seam patterns.
  • Stable quality and outstanding durability.
  • Can be fitted in many different situations.
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Select from our extensive range of standard colours and finishes or work with our team to create something unique to your project.

  • TA-013
    Antique Ceder G
  • TA-014
    Antique Ceder RB
  • TA-015
    Antique Ceder D
  • TA-016
    Stripe Wood
  • TA-004
    Rokko Cedar
  • TA-012
  • TA-005
    Rican Oak
  • TA-758
    Vent Walnut N
  • TA-647
    Earl Walnut M
  • TA-532
    Cherry Line M
  • TA-605
    Blossom Birch
  • TA-602
    Vintage Walnut
  • TA-760
    Vent Walnut D
  • TA-775
    Carina Elm D
  • TA-808
    Vent Walnut BL
  • TA-006
    Spangle Metal D
  • TA-007
    Spangle Metal M
  • TA-008
    Spangle Metal L
  • TA-009
    Aging Metal PD
  • TA-010
    Aging Metal PM
  • TA-011
    Aging Metal C
  • TA-001
    Terra Cotta Clay
  • TA-002
    Terra Cotta Arrosto
  • TA-003
    Terra Cotta Rosso
  • TA-017
    White Fiber
  • TA-018
    Black Fiber
  • TA-019
    Solid Stucco
  • TE-598F
    Pure White
  • TE-734
    Mercury White
  • TE-635
    Silky Elm
  • TE-770
    Modesty Birch W
  • TE-928
    Foschia Elm W
  • TE-947
    Madras Walnut W
  • TE-710
    Crema Cedar
  • TE-736
    Aroma Birch W
  • TE-916
    Plana Olive W
  • TE-906
    Long Valley Maple W
  • TE-762
    Soleil Tineo W
  • TE-945
    Arno Birch W
  • TE-851
    Prime Teak W
  • TE-771
    Modesty Birch N
  • TE-772
    Porta Sycamore
  • TE-881
    Norte Oak N
  • TE-915
    Haze Oak
  • TE-800
    Primary Oak PN
  • TE-905
    Long Valley Maple N
  • TE-773
    Carina Elm N
  • TE-852
    Prime Teak N
  • TE-911
    Moderate Elm N
  • TE-882
    Norte Oak L
  • TE-901
    Alba Oak
  • TE-940
    Abel Oak N
  • TE-758
    Vent Walnut N
  • TE-941
    Abel Oak MC
  • TE-912
    Moderate Elm CB
  • TE-745
    Corsican Walnut M
  • TE-883
    Norte Oak G
  • TE-712
    Creek Wood
  • TE-903
    Bliss Walnut M
  • TE-718
    Feino Birch N
  • TE-776
    Edel Cherry N
  • TE-946
    Arno Birch N
  • TE-719
    Feino Birch L
  • TE-720
    Novel Birch L
  • TE-801
    Primary Oak L
  • TE-835
    Raffine Cherry L
  • TE-777
    Edel Cherry M
  • TE-721
    Novel Birch M
  • TE-761
    Vent Walnut M
  • TE-836
    Raffine Cherry M
  • TE-753
    Moving Pear MO
  • TE-853
    Prime Teak M
  • TE-917
    Plana Olive B
  • TE-942
    Abel Oak B
  • TE-904
    Accord Cherry
  • TE-902
    Bliss Walnut B
  • TE-948
    Madras Walnut DG
  • TE-802
    Primary Oak M
  • TE-913
    Robust Elm G
  • TE-807
    Calm Walnut MD
  • TE-764
    Soleil Tineo M
  • TE-891
    Madras Walnut M
  • TE-884
    Verde Walnut M
  • TE-943
    Fram Oak TG
  • TE-892
    Madras Walnut D
  • TE-854
    Prime Teak D
  • TE-766
    Soleil Tineo D
  • TE-914
    Robust Elm D
  • TE-885
    Verde Walnut RB
  • TE-944
    Fram Oak D
  • TE-608
    Glamorous Mahogany
  • TE-618
    Snug Walnut D
  • TE-768
    Forte Walnut MD
  • TE-769
    Forte Walnut D
  • TE-725
    Precious Ebony
  • TE-713
  • TE-886
    Verde Walnut D
  • TE-760
    Vent Walnut D
  • TE-803
    Primary Oak DB
  • TE-715
    Classy Wood
  • TE-929
    Foschia Elm G
  • TE-804
    Primary Oak G
  • TE-808
    Vent Walnut BL
  • TE-742
    Astro Walnut BL