Exterior Place Branding

The exterior environment you create speaks volumes about your proposition and your brand. Delivering the environment you want for you customers, visitors or passengers is a challenging task requiring many different designers and contractors and a large number of critical interfaces.

Merson Group's Place Branding delivery model is made possible by using the collective resources of the Merson Group Businesses. Our technical design expertise in cladding, all types of signage and lighting, allied with our implementation skills in each in these areas, enables us to deliver the elements of an external environment that a make a real difference to the look & feel and customer experience.

Delivered by MSD, Merson Group’s internationally renowned wayfinding consultancy, and Merson-ASG, one of the UK’s largest and most capable sign businesses with over 130 years of experience, our end-to-end wayfinding capability is second to none.

Wayfinding in external environments brings its own set of challenges and our experience in designing and delivering wayfinding for airports, retail parks, business parks, campuses and city centres can be applied to your project, helping you create the total environment experience you want for your customers.


The environmental elements we provide make a significant contribution to “look & feel” and brand experience. What they have in common is their highly visual nature, combined with a degree of customer interaction.