Space Travel and the Humble Sign Maker...
CEO of Merson Group Roddy Angus reflects on an extremely busy 2018, looks ahead to 2019 and shares his festive message:

Is the ‘Space Age’ finally here?

Next summer it will be fifty years since Neil Armstrong walked on the moon – a feat that changed humankind forever. The joy and feeling of infinite possibility this brought was tangible. We were then promised flying cars, jet packs and hover boots. The future was here – today!

But it’s taken fifty years to bring space travel close to being a new jet-set experience. The bigger changes have been down here, on terra firma, where the cultural and societal changes the internet has brought are straining norms – and that’s before AI really hits full stride.

What does this mean for you, and for us, your humble sign-maker?

In 2018 we helped transform physical places so they can function in the developing digital age. At one end of the spectrum: refurbishing huge spaces in stations, stadiums and office blocks; to repurposing areas in shopping centres and retail parks; to more intimate spaces occupied by retailers in multiple sectors. And the aim? To make these physical spaces function with the new influences of the internet to create a singular omni-channel experience that attracts customers - and keeps them coming back.

The pace of change is increasing and those with a large physical footprint need to implement change at a scale and a cost that competes with the rest of the marketing mix. If you choose your partners carefully this can feel less unsettling, affording new opportunities to build customer relationships through actively promoting your brand identity in your physical space.

We are excited about playing an increasing part in this with you, helping you on your own journey into this new ‘Space Age’ we find ourselves.

I hope, like me, you’ll have a restful and reflective seasonal break in preparation for the challenges of the New Year.

To 2019 – and beyond!!!

All the best to you and yours,

Roddy Angus
Merson Group CEO