Project in Focus: Aston Martin Dealerships
Aston Martin as a brand needs no introduction. The iconic symbol is instantly recognised around the world and is acknowledged as a brand that brings with it style, luxury and exclusivity. With dealerships at over 140 locations around the world, the expanding Aston Martin network offers no shortage of luxurious showrooms. For this brand, nothing stands still for too long, and as part of a recent revamp, the company announced the roll out of an upgrade to signage at various dealerships around the globe, set to deliver the new benchmark for locations worldwide. The inspiration for the signage is designed to fully engage their customers with everything that Aston Martin stands for – exceptional design, excellent service and timeless luxury.

We are absolutely delighted to have been contracted to work on the manufacture and installation of the signage for such an iconic brand. Involved in delivering new signage to sites across the world, we have recently completed upgrades to showrooms in Copenhagen, Melbourne, Kuala Lumpur and St Gallen.

Today, we are staying closer to home and taking a look at 3 of our UK projects; Birmingham, Newcastle and Wilmslow, which combined an impressive mix of the various types of internal and external signage used across this upgrade.


As Aston Martin continues to develop its showrooms across the north of England the recent refurbishment of their Wilmslow dealership has resulted in an impressive state of the art facility, setting standards for others to follow. Halo illuminated gunmetal letters on the exterior give an immediate classic impression and the interior doesn’t fall short either. An Internal brand wall, complete with polished stainless steel lettering gives a really impressive focal point to the interior.


Considered one of the larger flagships, the Newcastle dealership has an important presence across the network. Its ideal location in Newcastle makes it the premier location in the North East and Scottish borders to get an Aston Martin. Working closely with Stonecare Group and Aston Martin direct, we delivered an all-encompassing signage package that delivered an equally impressive internal and external upgrade. The large glass front showroom is brought to life with impressive white LED illumination behind the classic gunmetal stainless steel text – particularly impressive at night. Small touches make this a complete package, with freestanding customer parking and directional signs adding to the customer experience from the moment they arrive.


Another full site signage upgrade, the Birmingham site was proudly one of the first to gain the new larger look image logo. One of the fastest growing franchised dealerships in the UK, this location boasts 60 years of proud and authentic motoring heritage. One of the most noticeable elements of this upgrade is the impressive 6m-illuminated pylon, standing proudly showcasing the brand in all its glory. Fully fret cut and push through logo and lettering to both sides of the pylon with classic gunmetal steel faces, are impressively completed with the use of florescent illumination.

We look forward to completing more signage upgrades for Aston Martin and will make sure our website is up to date with all the latest project news.