Lynsey Nisbet Competes at the British Championships
We are extremely proud to have had Merson Group's very own Lynsey Nisbet and her trusty steed Colourville Tallulah compete at the TREC GB British Championships earlier this month. Lynsey has worked as a project manager at Merson Group for over seven years managing signage projects of varying size from one off bespoke works to large scale rollout programmes. To date, she has been involved in various projects covering the retail, banking and rail sectors for some of our key clients including TSB, Lloyds Banking Group, Nationwide Building Society, British Land, TK Maxx, Waitrose and East Midlands Trains.

The TREC GB British Championships is a two day event that tests the partnership between the horse and rider and their ability to cope with riding across varied terrain and over natural obstacles. In order to ride at the British Championships, Lynsey and Colourville Tallulah, also known as Lulah, first had to qualify. In July 2017 they competed at the Scottish championships and won second place in the level 2 individual class securing them their place at the British Championships.

Lynsey struggled with various logistical aspects of getting to the championships however in true Merson style, everyone came together to do what they could to help. She artfully persuaded our CEO Roddy to lend her his pick-up truck for the weekend to tow the horsebox and we were happy to help out with fuel costs. These are what we like to call ‘Merson Moments’!

The event took place at Springhill Farm in Selattyn, Wales and consisted of three phases. The first phase was an orienteering ride in which the individuals had a maximum of ten minutes to copy a master map for a set route and then follow the 25km course accurately at a set pace in order to gain maximum points. The second phase was a control of paces where the pair had to canter down a narrow corridor as slowly as possible then turn around and walk back as fast as possible without leaving the corridor or breaking pace. The third phase was an obstacle course over a 2.5km distance where riders had to complete the course within a certain time frame.

At various points throughout the weekend, the horses were vetted to ensure they were healthy enough to compete in the harsh conditions. There were 140 horses competing over the weekend however not all were allowed to finish all three phases. Luckily, at every stage 13 year old Lulah passed with flying colours.

Lynsey has owned Lulah since she was 18 months old however only started riding her when she was nine. With less the four years experience under her belt this is a huge achievement for Lulah and a testament to Lynsey’s training.

The road to the British Championships wasn’t an easy one for Lynsey. Unfortunately she had a riding accident at the beginning of the year badly damaging the AC joint in her shoulder and fracturing her ribs. At one point it was thought she wouldn’t be able to ride again this year, however after a lot of work building up her strength and muscle mass she was thankfully able to get back on the horse.

Project Manager Lynsey, had this to say “Given the tough terrain and weather conditions over the weekend, I was over the moon to get round safely both days and with a sound horse at the end. To even have been able to go was a massive privilege and one I am most grateful for - chance in a lifetime for myself and my little horse!”

At the end of the weekend the Scottish team took 2nd place overall and individually Lynsey came 20th out of her level 2 class. There are 56 UK TREC GB registered Level 2 Individual riders overall and Lynsey is currently sitting at position 27 which is a huge achievement and one that we are very proud of. We are delighted to have such talented people among our team at Merson Group with such a variety of interests and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for Lynsey and Lulah.