Lloyds Contact Centres Get a Makeover
The work environment is a topic that has been of growing popularity in recent years, with numerous researchers making claim that the more attractive and supportive the work environment, the more effective the workforce will be. According to an article featured on talentculture.com, the right environment will help organisations foster productivity and aid in recruiting top talent whose first impressions are in part shaped by the office space. No matter the industry or the size, companies can reap the benefits of a thoughtfully designed workspace. *

Innovative organisations are coming up with great examples of office spaces designed to drive a creative culture and the signage package forms a key part this.

One of our recent collaborations was with Lloyds Bank and our brief was to manufacture and install a new signage package that would upgrade three of its contact centres. With five more locations set to follow, this latest upgrade is the beginning of an exciting roll out to enhance the workspace for many of Lloyds employees.

This project illustrates great team work and today we are delighted to share the results.

The Aim

To deliver a bold, new signage package that transforms the working environment at three Lloyds contact centres.

The Process

Merson-Asg were briefed directly by Lloyds and worked closely with their Colleague Experience team to scope out the details of what the signage package would include. When the design packs were agreed, it was then over to the team at Merson-ASG to take this vision and turn it into reality.

The contact centres are large spaces, requiring signage that would span over 3-6 floors. To deliver this scale of interior signage, a range of interesting elements and materials were required and the designs had to take on a variety of forms.

Key elements included a mixture of large fabric wall graphics, large DTS printed Foamex graphics, large wall vinyl’s and acrylic panels with DTS. All designs were built with brand representation in mind and a few wow factors showcasing this. Large digital print Foamex graphics spanned the full length of walls, adding impactful bright pops of colour along with imagery which bore association with the brand. A company history wall was created using large wall vinyl’s, perfectly bringing the brand to life and bringing an interactive feel to the environment.

The installation of large interior signage doesn’t come without any disruption, but the install teams worked around the clock to keep colleague interruption to a minimum, whilst meeting tight deadlines.

The Result

The successful delivery of the project was due to the strong collaboration between our team, and the Lloyds project team. Great co-ordination between the internal manufacture process and the installation team at Merson-ASG, led by Dougie McDonald made for a smooth project. 

Understanding the design brief was imperative to deliver the new look and to ensure that the staff working at the Contact Centres recognise something special about the new office.

Here is what a few members of staff who work at the Contact Centres had to say about their new work space: -

‘Fantastic use of colour and really brightened my day.’

‘It really brings the brands together; the whole site is looking grand.’

‘A really pleasant surprise this morning.’

‘It’s so much more professional, bigger, brighter.’

‘The history wall is so interesting and I’ve spent my breaks looking at all of the stories.’

Some final words from Martin Dodd, the Managing Director:
‘Stunning, outstanding, great job and well done’

The success of this project has resulted in the go ahead for further Contact Centre upgrades and we look forward to sharing these results soon.