How to Deliver a Successful Retail Signage Project
Eye catching and high quality signage is an effective way to drive people through a retailer’s door. With growing pressure on today’s high street chains through price competition, increasing customer demands and the surge of online sales, strong signage can’t be ignored as a key component to any retail marketing strategy. Much like a retailer sets standards for what they sell inside the store, strong signage also requires this amount of consideration and development.

With that in mind we work closely with our clients to ensure we understand both their and their customers demands and work to deliver the ideal signage proposition.

Keep reading to explore our 4 best practices to deliver a successful retail signage project:

1. Drive an open & honest relationship

Whilst it goes without saying that the team at Merson- Group would work closely with the retailer to understand their aim and vision for their signage requirements, it is vital that we involve the client in the operational side of our business too. When our customers understand more about how a national signage rollout is delivered and the resources required to deliver it, it drives a more productive and open dialogue about the most effective way to undertake the task. Whether it is the project timeline or how the signage products are designed and manufactured, we always find that the more open we are about our processes, the better it is for the final outcome.

An example of this can be found in our recent rebranding work at Halifax branches across the UK. Open dialogue with the client about how the main fascia sign was manufactured led to a diffused lighting solution that reduced the depth and weight of the sign, required less LED lighting but crucially didn’t alter the design or effectiveness of the sign. 

2. Promote innovation and creativity

Leading on from the example above, retailers are driven by creativity and this should run through everything from what they sell to how they sell it. We relish in the opportunity to explore ways of being creative, and as our clients become increasingly reliant on us to be more involved in the actual design stage, our input is more key than ever. Of course, the finished result is everything to us & the retailer, but being creative for us goes beyond only the aesthetic design. Creativity also means how we do things, like sourcing the right materials, planning a resource programme and finding the most cost effective solutions for choosing things like colours, fixtures, materials and lighting.

3. Detail, Detail and more Detail

A successful programme is a result of detailed planning. People, materials and schedules are planned out and closely monitored to ensure potential problems are identified and remedied without delay. Each retail project is unique and to ensure we deliver on the requirements strong project management is vital. It is vital to map out every eventuality and maintain regular and open communication and progress reporting with the client. 

4. Celebrate success with the customer

Repeat custom is key to how we do business at Merson Group, so celebrating a successful outcome helps support a continuing partnership for future projects. Sharing lessons learnt is vital, be honest with each other, what went well and what could have been improved and use this for the next project. When a retail client is looking for a signage partner, they want a long-standing relationship, a company they can trust and know is experienced and capable enough to deliver an effective signage rollout on a national scale.

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