Rebranding the Gatwick Express

The Gatwick Express service has been in operation since 1984 and provides a non-stop service between London Victoria, which is right in the centre of London, and London Gatwick Airport. Taking only 30 minutes, this popular premium-fare service is perfect for quick and easy travel to either catch your flight or to start your London experience.

The last major rebrand of the Gatwick Express was back in the early 2000s, therefore it was time for a fresher look. The rebrand coincided with the commission of 27 new Electrostar trains from Bombardier, designed to provide a more modern and luxurious environment whilst maintaining the speed of the service.

Furthermore, Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR), the current franchise owners, wanted the superior Gatwick Express service to be more distinctive and separate from the main Gatwick Airport station. Like any other busy international airport, Gatwick is served by trains from all over the South of England. They are all operated by GTR, however they were running alongside the Gatwick Express with no clear separation between them. This arrangement did not match the exclusivity of Gatwick Express; therefore, its superior service was less apparent to the passengers who would be paying the premium fare. The rebrand sought to separate Gatwick Express from the other areas of London Victoria and Gatwick Airport stations.

This was to be primarily achieved through new red and white branding, implemented with new vinyl graphics on the doors and walls; a new red frieze and an upgraded portal at Gatwick Airport, providing live flight information and direct access to the platform. In addition to this the existing white panels were resurfaced to ensure they were immaculate and so able to enhance the new branding and signage.

From the end of August 2016 the rebranded Gatwick Express services at London Victoria and Gatwick Airport stations will be open to passengers. The team at Merson have completed work at London Victoria and Gatwick Airport Station, which required considerably more work due to the portal, is nearing completion ahead of the official opening. The team at Merson are delighted to be involved with this exceptional project; bringing the sophisticated new look of the Gatwick Express into reality and providing customers with a new, modernised experience.