Delivering Place Branding for the University of West Scotland
This Autumn, students returning to the University of West Scotland (UWS), along with freshers arriving for the first time, have been welcomed by a brand new, ultra-modern state of the art campus.

The new Lanarkshire Campus, is the result of a £110m investment into the UWS to build a dynamic and innovative new learning space. The campus, which covers an impressive 85,000m2 is perfectly situated on one of Scotland’s busiest business parks. Not only has this become home to some of the most cutting-edge research facilities, it is also due to bring a significant boost to the local economy.

As people continue to seek more immersive destinations that go beyond traditional spaces, enriching the student experience was central to the planning of the new campus, and we were delighted to play a key part in delivering this fascinating unique learning space. When we were first engaged by the UWS, the brief was to provide the signage only, but, as the project moved along we pulled on our range of disciplines to successfully deliver both the cladding and signage.

Initially we designed a combination of large illuminated and non-illuminated signs that perfectly met the modern look set out in the design brief. Collaboration was at the heart of this project, and it was following discussions with the university and the main contractor that it was deemed the current panels that were in place were not appropriate for our letters to be mounted on. This presented our team with the challenge of finding a way to overcome this and led to the solution of removing the outer stratascreen panels and replacing them with our own. This outcome allowed us to maintain the integrity of the cladding and the signage as one cohesive solution. The result is place branding in action; creating the perfect place to let the brand stand out.

We have enjoyed delivering many educational building projects, and, as research continues to present a link between improving educational spaces with more effective learning this exciting sector is set to keep evolving. With its new open, multifunctional and collaborative learning spaces, we believe that the new Lanarkshire campus sets the bar very high for others to follow.

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