A look Back at a Few Highlights from 2016
Last year was one of our busiest years yet; undergoing significant business development, driving forward exciting new initiatives all whilst completing a number of fantastic projects.

As we embark on a new year full of more exciting opportunities, we wanted to share some of our highlights of 2016.

Launch of Building Environments

At the beginning of 2016 preparations for March’s Retail Design Expo at Kensington Olympia were well underway, with a bespoke stand being fabricated from Fortina, a new extrusion system from Japan that we are proud to be the sole UK supplier of.

The Retail Design Expo was an ideal platform from which to launch Merson Group’s new Building Environments offer. This new offer was the culmination of a series of acquisitions over the past few years, culminating with the acquisition of ASG in Spring 2015. The diversification facilitated by securing these businesses enabled Merson Group to offer its customers an all-encompassing offer, comprising external architectural facades, signage schemes, interiors, digital display and point-of-sale solutions. With these manufacturing capacities complemented by our existing in-house wayfinding and product design resource, Merson Group now have the capability to build all aspects of a branded environment for our customers in the retail, construction, transport, financial and automotive sectors.

Our brand new look

The launch of Merson Group has necessitated a rebrand of the business and a unified image across all business divisions was launched.

Our in-house design team have been working hard to design a new logo for each business division, with the same new grey and orange colour scheme throughout. The new-look website was one of the most exciting parts of the rebrand, allowing users to navigate more easily whilst viewing improved visual representation of our projects portfolio.

The aluminium flex-faced signage on each of the Merson Group buildings has been redesigned and installed, presenting a great first impression for anyone visiting our facilities. The new look will be completed this month with a new fleet of vans with redesigned vehicle livery. We are delighted with how the rebrand has progressed and look forward to its conclusion in the coming quarter.

Investment into new manufacturing equipment

With our expansion, has come an increase in our in-house manufacturing capability. Due to the unique manufacturing facilities in Glasgow, Basildon and now Poland, our scope has continued to increase and our because of this our ability to design, manufacture and deliver bespoke projects has continued to thrive and grow.

One key investment in manufacturing equipment has been on two new press brakes; used to produce architectural facades and larger aluminium signage products in a faster more productive way, this machinery is already proving to be a successful addition to our facility.

Building environments in Action

2016 has seen the Building Environments offer grow into some of our most impressive projects of 2016 encompassing cross-brand efforts, and we have made sure our blog and projects portfolio have been kept up to date to highlight this exciting step forward. A couple of great examples have been represented by our Orbital Retail Park and Trumpington College projects, highlighting a combination of external architectural facades, signage schemes, interiors, digital display and point-of-sale – services that large clients would traditionally have to source separately and manage individually. These projects show our customers what we can offer in the form of a cohesive and lean proposal and we look forward to show off more of our building environments in action in the coming months.

We are proud of what we have achieved so far and each cross-brand endeavour has brought with it more opportunities. With increasing confidence and evidence of what we can offer we are in an ideal position to expand on this in 2017.

We look forward to working with everyone on a range of exciting projects across all areas of the business throughout 2017.