Merson CEO Roddy Angus looks ahead to 2018

You know that old saying “You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs…” Well we’ve been cracking the eggs at Merson Group and at last our omelette is ready……. a single diversified business with a combined offer capable of delivering the ever more engaging spaces that everyone wants for their customers.

This year we have worked across the sectors; from Retail & Leisure to Infrastructure & Offices……

At Merson we believe the physical world is where the action will ultimately be, but the pace of change is accelerating and your customers are demanding more from your physical space as it competes with the virtual one. Just how you make better use of less space in cost effective ways, is what we are about.

Whether you are responsible for a rail or air terminal, motor franchises, shopping malls, high-street outlets, an office environment or a chain of bank branches the environment is changing in too many ways to count right now and ever-more discerning consumers make it a tough world to stand out in - one where survival of the fittest is key. Darwin used the term ‘fittest’ not as a reference to physical fitness, he was referring to those best “adapted” or “most fit” for their environment. So over the last 2 years we have adapted and diversified Merson in order to help you become “most fit” for the changing environment you now find yourself in.

We are truly excited about what we can add beyond “just signage or cladding” and how our construction design teams can support your own designers in creating branded spaces, indoors or outdoors, that are unmistakably yours. Add a dash of creative flair of our own, a sprinkling of product innovation and a soupcon of invaluable insight and we think we can make you one tasty omelette of your own! Please challenge us!

Enough of eggs - it’s time for egg-nog! It’s time to be spending more time with our families, reflecting and relaxing……… and maybe just a wee spot of blue sky thinking.

We hope you have a well-earned break and wish you all the best with your own challenges and opportunities in the year ahead.

Roddy Angus
Merson Group CEO